Letter of guarantee

This Supplier Continuing Guarantee states that products supplied by Roda Packaging Inc. meet the following requirements. 

  1. Packaging components supplied are in conformity for direct food contact and have FDA certification.
  2. Packaging components supplied have the approval or non-objection of CFIA or are in the approval process.
  3. Packaging components supplied have a specification sheet available upon request.
  4. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is not used directly or indirectly as an additive in the polymer resins used in the manufacturing _of plastic packaging components.
  5. Packaging materials and their components meet the requirements under the Food & Drugs Act and Regulations and the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act and Regulations related. This information can be found at : here or contact Roda Packaging Inc. for a hard copy.
  6. Packaging components supplied are exempt of environmental contaminants, pathogens, foreign bodies that may be hazardous to health, physical or chemical.
  7. Packaging components supplied are transported and warehoused in satisfactory conditions proper to our industry but not specific to it. They are packaged and transported to prevent direct contact with foreign incompatible products/contaminants. All shipments are controlled at the reception.
  8. Roda Packaging Inc. has recall measures on its products as well as a traceability procedure linking the raw material and the distribution (lot # on boxes/skids). QC certificates are available on request. _Contact: service@rodapack.com
  9. Our warehouses follow a rigorous monthly monitored HACCP Standard Pest Management Program. A document outlining its specifications is available upon request.
  10. A letter of guarantee of the resin is available upon request on the methods used for quality control of physical, biological, chemical, pesticide and other contaminants from the environment, the ethylene chlorydrine and antibiotics animal.
  11. Roda Packaging Inc. owns and maintains at all times a valid business liability insurance of $3,000,000. Note that it is the customer’s responsibility to make appropriate compatibility tests for all packaging supplied by Roda Packaging Inc. for their intended use.

Roda Packaging Inc. will communicate rapidly instances of major changes in specifications.



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